Stephane Broutin

Dear Ivan, I have a lot of gratitude for you. Your coaching is very clear, straight to the point and helped me a lot in my work with clients and on my own issues. I am a psychotherapist and I am acquainted with a lot of mental and emotional state improvement techniques. But I am so impressed by the speed of success  the techniques you showed me brought. I just had a client with needle phobia who would not respond to any of the other approaches I tried with him. I used NLP, EFT. TAT, EMO TRANCE, you name it. Nothing worked. Until finally I used one of the techniques you thought me and it did the trick.  Within few minutes my client phobia was gone. Amazing. Thank you so much!

Sheila Griffith
Wellness Coach

“In a single session of around 30 minutes, Ivan coached me to stand in a stronger place then I had before. The struggle had been there for a few years in this situation and I felt a release of its intensity after just two rounds of application of a technique he showed me. In about 15 minutes, I felt a whole different energy in my being. It was wonderful to have such a release on this issue and I feel capable of moving forward and having success in this area. Quite the opposite of what I had been experiencing before the session. YEA!!!” 

Ada Horn
Art Marketing Coach

The session with Ivan was quite amazing.
We went from the current area where I was stuck, to reach a core issue and quickly began to clear up parts that were difficult and repressed over a lifetime (pain over the loss of my mother).
The end result, I felt much lighter, more buoyant and vibrant.
Ivan’s genuine care and skill created a safe environment to experience the depth of the process he took me through. I give Ivan my highest recommendations. Thank you warmly, Ivan!”

Ulf Tölle
Empowering Coach

Ivan helped me nail a resistance towards reaching my declared goal (re-writing a chapter of a new book I am writing). He did it eloquently and well. We had a good laugh because – without him understanding the details of how witty his coaching actually was, he held up a mirror for me and we both had to laugh a lot on that one.
Call it a resistance melt-down if you like. He was really good. And he left me with a very simple and easy technique, that I will apply in similar circumstances.”

Susan Gilbert 
Marketing Strategist & Best Selling Author

Ivan, your work is amazing. Give Ivan, “The Mind Liberator”, 30 minutes and he will ask the perfect questions to find the fear that holds you back and keeps you stuck. His process incorporates both your thoughts and your body, to create a release that I felt immediately. Ivan uncovered the exact fear that was keeping me from moving forward. In one sense, so simple. In another, so difficult if you don’t even know it is there. The result: priceless. Thank you, Ivan. Your work is a beautiful gift.”

Melanie Gow
Legend Maker

“The session with Ivan took me by surprise. I did not have any strong feeling I was procrastinating, but knew I wasn’t progressing on a challenge as I wanted. I hoped to uncover what was blocking me, and we certainly did. In a short session, we went from a stated, known fear, to the heart of a core issue and began clearing it. I left the session more aware of myself, and more informed on a deep issue. In the days that followed, more came to light that makes complete sense, and has been a block built over a lifetime.
Ivan creates rapport very fast and with skill, allowing a depth to be reached quickly and safely. Thank you, Ivan!”

Patricia Cove
Life Coach

“My experience with Ivan proved to be very useful in connecting to how an earlier experience that produced an unconscious restraining limiting belief which became reactivated with a business event that occurred a couple of years ago. After identifying and exposing the unconscious negative cognition (based on Shame Affect becoming activated when I could not act on my own best interest), Ivan guided me to connect with and release the emotion. I am now in the position to give myself opposing positive cognition. This was a quick 15 minute exercise that I recommend for anyone wondering what is keeping them stuck toward moving forward in their desired direction. I am grateful for Ivan’s insight and intuitive abilities, as well as taking the time to listen in a nonjudgmental manner.”

mind shiftGina Gardiner
Life Coach, Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker

“Ivan, thank you so much for the session you did with me. You were not only able to get to the heart of the matter with sensitivity, but offered a strategy which dealt with it quickly and efficiently. You instilled me with confidence and I am extremely grateful.”

Niklas Eller
High Performance Coach

I worked with Ivan on my goal to feel better about promoting myself. Ivan helped me realize that this was actually a symptom and not the root cause of the problem and he coached me on many other business related topics as well. I started working with Ivan with a heavy feeling in my heart and finished with a great feeling of relief, renewed hope and new tools I can use to deal with limiting beliefs in future. Ivan’s Mental Edge Mastery system is the best mindset system I have come across in the 7 years I have studied Personal Development. I recommend Ivan to everyone who wants to release negative mental conditioning fast.”

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