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Develop The Success Mindset

Do you want to trade your life for anybody’s in America? Everybody has the desire to do something. But they don’t have what it takes to succeed. They don’t have the success mindset.

success mindset

They don’t know how to really completely complete the process of dedicating themselves and having the discipline to do it. The way you begin each day sets up the way you live each day. I mean the Spartan warriors said it so well: “Sweat more in training – bleed less in war”. And if you want to be literally undefeatable in business and literally unstoppable in life you really want to dial in your morning routine. I think a lot of people you know have said they’ll set these goals for themselves and when they don’t reach them then it’s discouraging. And sometimes they need somebody to push them through.

Success Mindset Rule #1

Don’t worry about things that you cannot control but the things that you can’t control.

That’s what you have to manifest. Because when the opportunity is given to you and you don’t step up to the plate and you’re not prepared who’s going to be disappointed every day? I want you to take action towards that and practice that role until you and the goal in the dream become one. To develop your success mindset you have to go from the I want the part to the I am the part. You don’t have to worry about what other people will say. You just have to keep your mind on your course. Those winds may blow fast and furious but if you know your path, if you know where you are going they will help push you towards the dreams. They will help you get the treasures that you have already decided you’re going after. But you have to look at a bigger picture too. You have to have belief in yourself. You have to have faith in yourself. Faith is not really just having understood that everything will be okay but faith is understanding that if things don’t go your way or if it doesn’t turn out the way you want to it’s still going to be okay. Every time you fail on a board or a mission next time around you get better at navigating the course in front of you because you learn from your previous experiences.

Success Mindset Rule #2

Embrace failure in order to learn as you move forwards your goal.

No matter what someone tells me I never allow them to limit my work. The best thing you can do to prove them wrong is to succeed.  The more you integrate your vision with your emotions and with your actions the more you will become the rule. The more you will become the person who sets goals and achieves goals. Focus on where you’re winning. Focus on what you’re grateful for. Rewire and re-code that natural tendency of your brain towards negativity bias. Achievement means moving forward and in order to move forward you must be motivated and inspired.

Success Mindset Rule #3

You must have dreams and goals that create ambition.

Good ambition, positive ambition, to be a good person you have to have ambition you have to try to do something good with your life. You have to try to get out of where you are today or make where you are a better place tomorrow. You have to do it or anything else is a waste of time and energy. If you want to be a player and a game changer and a world builder you really need to make a commitment to think to behave and show up in the world like very few people do. So make the decision right now to believe that you create all of your experiences because you do. Let’s start creating the ones you want by believing you can. Sounds a little strange but accepting this level of responsibility is uniquely and inevitably empowering. It means you can do change and become anything at all.

Success Mindset Rule #4

Everything worth doing in life is not easy.

Never allow anyone to talk you out of the dream the vision and the idea that God has sent you. And understand that for every level there’s another devil. You have to understand that it’s not going to be easy. People want no challenges. People want it done yesterday.But this is not how it works It is not how it is supposed to work. Nothing worth doing in life is easy. And that’s the beauty of building the success mindset. It is looking back on the road you have traveled, reflecting on the challenges you have overcome, knowing what you’ve gone through and appreciating how it has changed you. Otherwise, it’s literally like you’re going to a boring job. Honestly – if I can make it anybody else can make it.

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