Ivan Petarnichki

Ivan Petarnichki is a best selling author, mindset mastery expert, coach, and creator of the groundbreaking Mental Edge Mastery System. His work has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, Daily Herald, Morning News and hundreds of nationally-syndicated television, newspaper, and magazine outlets. He has distilled over 30 years of experience in the applied psychology field into simple and easy-to-implement mind reset techniques that produce profound mental shifts in minutes.

Ivan is known as the Mindset Coach Of Coaches

๐ŸŸ† Neuro-Linguistic Programming
๐ŸŸ† Hypnotherapy
๐ŸŸ† Timeline Therapy
๐ŸŸ† Bio-Energetic Psychology
๐ŸŸ† Advanced Clearing Energetics
๐ŸŸ† Spiritual Technologies Trainer
๐ŸŸ† Instant Transformation Master

๐ŸŸ† Ivan has been fascinated by mind control abilities and brain plasticity since he was a teenager
๐ŸŸ† He has been involved in avant-garde and applied psychology for the last 30+ years.
๐ŸŸ† He has studied and mastered over 40 different techniques and methods for rapid shifts and dramatic improvement of the physical, mental and emotional states of people
๐ŸŸ† Ivan has distilled his knowledge and experience into a Simple and Easy to Learn and Implement Mental Edge Mastery System, that deliver astonishing results in record time.

Ivan Helps Aspiring And Visionary Coaches Up Their Mental Game And Make Their Clients Do The Same FAST
He empowers them to:
๐ŸŸ†ย become Mind Reset Masters fast,
๐ŸŸ† upgrade their self-identity,
๐ŸŸ† develop a bulletproof self-confidence and sense of self-worth,
๐ŸŸ† create absolute certainty in the life-changing value of their service and their unquestionable ability to deliver desired outcomes to their clients.
๐ŸŸ† discover and authentically express their unique personal traits, gifts and talents
๐ŸŸ†ย earn more while working less

By implementing avant-garde, ultra-effective mind reset techniques that work in minutes to:
๐ŸŸ† harmonize the brain hemispheres
๐ŸŸ†ย annihilate procrastination
๐ŸŸ†ย demolish self-sabotage
๐ŸŸ†ย ignite inspired actions
๐ŸŸ† promote intuitive insights
๐ŸŸ†ย redesign self-identity
๐ŸŸ†ย boost self-confidence and
๐ŸŸ† install bulletproof sense of self-worth

๐ŸŸ†ย The single most important factor influencing your success – whether business or personal – is your mindset
๐ŸŸ† 100% of coaches have mindset issues related to their business. Only about 10% are willing to openly admit it and take deliberate and consistent action to rectify them. The 10% are the ones that go beyond 6 figure yearly income
๐ŸŸ†ย The primary task of a coach is to get the client unstuck and taking action
๐ŸŸ†ย To achieve that the coach has to change the client’s psyche first
๐ŸŸ† Building a successful business is much more of a mental and emotional challenge than it is about strategy and application of tactical information
๐ŸŸ† “Success is 80% Psychology and 20% Strategy” – Tony Robbins
๐ŸŸ† The algorithm of success is: BEโฎ•DOโฎ•HAVE. Before you HAVE you must BE.

๐ŸŸ† His credo is – “Nothing motivates like success”
๐ŸŸ† He uses only approaches that deliver instant observable and measurable results.
๐ŸŸ† When you partner with Ivan you get cutting edge mind mending tools the coaching industry needs but does not even suspect exist.

“I am acquainted with a lot of mental and emotional state improvement techniques. But I am so impressed by the speed of success of the techniques Ivan showed me.”
Stephane Broutin | Psychotherapist

“Give Ivan, “The Mind Liberator”, 30 minutes and he will ask the perfect questions to find what holds you back and will release it immediately. Thank you, Ivan! Your work is a beautiful gift. The result – priceless.”
Susan Gilbert | Marketing Consultant

“Ivan’s Mental Edge Mastery System is the best mindset system I have come across in the 7 years I have studied Personal Development. I highly recommend Ivan to anyone who wants rapid mindset upgrade.”
Niklas Eller | High Performance Coach

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